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"Sexy in 5 minutes"

The book "Sexy in 5 minutes", includes manual changes for all types of characters. It explains what's Dress Code successful entrepreneurs, as well as guidance on how best to dress for the reception, dinner, reception or cocktail. The most popular sections are unprecedented change image based on simple triků.Kniha brings a lot yet unpublished video material from the privacy of celebrities, which the author dressed as a designer.

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"In every age, state of sin"

In the book "Sexy in 5 minutes," we learned how quickly change the image in a book entitled: "In every age, state of sin" where and how to look for the man of her dreams. But not only that. Also how to get a lover, how to possibly leave then. How come their own efforts to raise money and how to behave in the auction house, boat, or in a casino. Book a fun way points to the fact that in every age to become sin again is not as difficult as you often think.

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"Frog in Bali"

Šárka Schmidt, illustrations Dagmar Březinová
Bali, a paradise on earth. The island perfect for romantic love and bizarre adventures that you would not experience elsewhere. Big Strong Penis, lost at sea, this Man, among savages, for Ketut in Ubud, the volcano! Sixteen stories with a touch of eroticism and often with a surprise ending. For one, you will laugh at the other you worry about how it actually turned out and even it can happen that sighs: Ah, I experienced something like that too! Why not you? Beautiful Bali and other beautiful Indonesian islands await you. But before we go there, get familiar with Balinese men and exotic environments in stories, whether it happened or not, have a particularly fun.

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