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Costumes of Dagmar Brezinova, a prominent Czech fashion and scenic costumes designer, were used in 654 films, TV productions, dramas and theatrical performances as well. Dagmar is a multiple artistic prize-winner and her designs are noted for a deep and multilateral technology knowledge and inventive creativity.

Unique experiences from fairy tales, ballets and operas

A Christmas Carol (musical)

Christmas Musicals Arrive for Holidays (The Korea Times)

By Yoon Ja-young
Staff Reporter - Korea Times

"With cell phone ring-tones playing Christmas carols, you know the most wonderful time of the year has come. Two family musicals are to be staged for this pleasant and forgiving time.
Christmas Carol, a musical based on Charles Dickens story, is to be performed at Seoul Arts Center from Dec. 12 to Dec. 28. It is a timeless holiday classic conveying most of the ideal images of Christmas we have, such as a time to share love with families and neighbors.
Greedy miser Ebenezer Scrooge, for whom Christmas was nothing more than another winter day, gets redemption for his soul, as his only friend Jacob Marley appears as a ghost and shows him the error of his ways. Through revelations of his past, present and future Christmas, the Bah, humbug miser learns love for neighbors and turns into a warm-hearted man.
Born in 1812, Dickens is one of the writers of whom the U.K. is most proud. With such stories as Oliver Twist and Great Expectations, the writer criticizes the capitalist society of his time.
A Christmas Carol is made into movies and musicals around this time every year, but the audience never seem to be bored. A total of 42 songs by Czech composer Zdenek Bartak will ring familiar to the audience, and the superb sets designed by Czech costume designer Dagmar Brezinova will reproduce the Christmas in Europe."
A Christmas Carol (Herald Tribune)

Dec. 12 to 28 at Seoul Arts Center
(02) 523-0986,

"Watch as the miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, learns about the Christmas spirit in this classic tale. Ghosts take Scrooge backward and forward in time to teach him about loving his neighbors.
This production includes songs by the Czech composer Zdenek Bartak and set design by the Czech costume designer Dagmar Brezinova. The tale is based on Charles Dickens's classic novel. Tickets are 20,000 won to 70,000 won."

Jeux Sans Frontieres 

Games Without Borders (JSF) is a game created by French TV Guy Lux, Pierre Brive Savarit Claude and Jean-Louis Marest a brainchild of General Gaulle1 and broadcast on the first channel of the ORTF and then the second chain from 26 May 1969 and designed as a trips across Europe.

Les Jeux Sans Frontiers, 1991-1995 - costume designs for European project: 1991 - internationl TV show Prague, 1992 - international TV show Trebic, 1993 - international TV show Karlovy Vary, 1994 - international TV show Hradec Kralove, 1995 - international TV show Brno

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The Loves of Kafka

Los Amores de Kafka (English language:The Loves of Kafta) is a 1988 Argentine romantic biographical film directed by Beda Docampo Feijóo and written by Juan Bautista Stagnaro. Starring Cecilia Roth.

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